About Dan


Dan Boyle has dedicated his life to service and ensuring equitable treatment for all citizens. He was born and raised in Chadds Ford and is a lifelong resident of Chester County.  Dan is the most qualified candidate for Chester County Sheriff. His educational background includes:
• Unionville-Chadds Ford School District
• Penn State University--Bachelor of Science in Business
• Villanova University--Master of Business Administration
• Widener Law School--Juris Doctorate
• Villanova Law School--Master of Laws specializing in Business

Dan’s expertise and experiences will ensure the residents of Chester County will receive the best-in-class service

As sheriff, Dan will advance the Sheriff's Office by performing a complete business process reformation.

Why Dan is Running


Dan is the most qualified candidate.   
Dan is a busy father to 4 year old, Danny Jr.  Dan has worked as a laborer, a business operations manager, a trial attorney and a business and legal consultant.  Dan has a long history of community service.  He volunteers hundreds of hours every year with the following nonprofit organizations:  

• Board member of Daemion Counseling Center for low-cost mental health counseling  

• Committee chair at Kennett Area Community Service which provides assistance with hunger, homelessness and financial assistance  

• Pro bono juvenile criminal defense attorney  

• Pro bono Guardian Ad Litem  

• Brandywine Valley SPCA volunteer  

• Penn State University mentorship program  
Utilizing his vast education, work history, and volunteer service, Dan will advance and support fellowship in our County by promoting fair and compassionate treatment for every individual in our community. 

What Dan Will Do


Dan will transform the Sheriff's Office into an efficient, open, and productive agency. 

Dan’s expertise and experiences will ensure the residents of Chester County will receive the best-in-class service by providing the following:  

• Fiscal responsibility--needless spending will be eliminated and complete transparency will be offered through monthly town hall meetings 

• All programs, procedures, and policies will be reviewed to ensure the objectives of the Office, its employees, the taxpayers, and the residents of Chester County are receiving the best possible service

• Create a program to provide a countywide compassionate plan ensuring seniors can age in place and reduce homelessness  

• Criminal justice reform   

• Public safety implemented  by ensuring all officers are fully qualified and trained to keep our County safe 

• School safety for our children    

Community Volunteer chester county sheriff

Feeding the hungry


Committee Chair at Kennett Area Community Service (KACS)

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mental health counseling


Board member at Daemion Counseling Center

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A dog's friend


Volunteer at the Brandywine Valley SPCA

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feeding the hungry


Volunteer to feed the hungry at The Ministry of Caring, Inc.

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Mentoring young minds


Volunteer at Penn State University

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pro bono attorney


Providing free legal services to juveniles in need of representation.